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Date Like a Tiger…..Woods

Feel becoming Tiger Woods. Your whole life is under a microscope.

Everybody knows the ex-wife chased a driver, smashed you across the head, struck you in the ribs and set you in the players damage list for probably two to three months.

Picture your whole dating existence getting thus public that the after that individual you date understands every thing in regards to you secondhand.

Whenever dating a person brand-new, the actual only real info they need to get is actually from you directly. Right through the horse’s mouth so to speak.

Therefore let me ask you a concern…

Will you be blasting your private existence everywhere?

eg, have you been a Facebook junkie just who posts your whole breakup background, outrage, intimate frustration and anything else all-over Twitter so it’s public information for everybody?

Or do you like to just tweet the simple fact you’re associated with a connection that sucks and it’s operating you crazy?

In The Event You, you’ll want to keep in mind one thing Vital…

Everything you carry out now, in our time, might be look over by the then partner or a potential girl down the road.


“You don’t want anybody

evaluating you predicated on fb.”

Beware everything you would and state on the web!

you ought not risk end up like Tiger Woods, needing to describe pretty much everything. Can you envisage just what that is like?

You would have to describe why the ex-wife chose to hit you during the head – since you cheated with 13 different women.

So that your exclusive existence should remain personal. The next time you need to discuss the commitment position on fb or on Twitter, remember all you apply cyberspace is read by your potential girlfriends.

Ensure that is stays personal, men.

By maintaining it exclusive, do you know whatwill take place? She will be able to assess you considering who you really are inside second.

Each of us improvement in existence. We’re not the exact same. We’re each person now than we were some time ago. We continuously develop, discover and alter.

You don’t want anyone evaluating you predicated on one thing you typed in the heating of the moment on Twitter, especially if you published something in the middle of a fight or since you were upset or disappointed at somebody.

Believe before you article, guys!

Have you ever published something on Twitter you’re embarrassed about today? Made it happen influence the dating existence? Give myself down below. I would love to find out about it.

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