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The Kennebecasis Regional Police Traffic Service Division is responsible for investigation and analysis of all serious motor vehicle crashes within the Kennebecasis Valley. Some members of the unit are specially trained in collision analysis, collision reconstruction and crash data analysis to name a few, all are experts in their field. The section also investigates hit and run accidents, driving complaints and assists the municipalities on several traffic related issues including Traffic calming measures.
One of their major responsibilities is the enforcement of the Motor Vehicle Act. This is done effectively through regular campaigns and traffic projects as well as daily enforcement. As speeding is a major concern, the members use sophisticated speed measuring devices to assist them. Members drive marked and unmarked police cars as well as a police motorcycle.
Traffic safety concerns are a high priority for the Kennebecasis Regional Police Force, through an ongoing team approach; we are constantly striving to improve the quality of life and safety of all our citizens.
Beginning in 2019, the Traffic Services Strategic Plan was developed to establish our foundation to have the safest roadways of any municipality of comparable size in New Brunswick.
A number of measures were identified as priorities in keeping our roadways safe and targets established. In all identified measures the targets were greatly surpassed which contributed to safer roadways.
Measure: Number of Impaired Driving Charges (all categories)
Target: Increase over 2020
Measure:Number of Distracted Driving charges & Warnings
Target: 20% increase over 2020
Measure:Number of check-stops conducted by each Platoon at strategic locations and times to address traffic safety priorities.
Target: 20 per platoon
Measure:Number of fatal, injury, and property damage collisions (3 year average)
Target: a reduction in # of injury and fatal collisions

It is a misconception to imply that traffic officers are simply tasked with enforcing local by-laws, directing traffic and detecting speeding vehicles.

Traffic Services is a specialized unit of the Kennebecasis Regional Police Force. We have a number of dedicated traffic officers who are imbedded within our general patrol units, providing 24/7 presence on the roads of our communities. Traffic safety, education, and enforcement remain a high priority for the KRPF and the communities we serve. This has been clearly demonstrated through the results of both internal and external community surveys. Traffic safety is an integral part of our policing strategic plan and it will remain a kea element of our police service. We focus on Impaired driving, Distracted driving, aggressive driving, school zones and Vulnerable Road Users (Cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians).

Our philosophy is to promote traffic safety through intelligence-led, evidence-based, proactive enforcement, coupled with education and close partnership with our community stake holders.

Actually, we have a traffic youth diversion program whereby young people facing first time traffic related offences can see a ticket being voided if they agree to attend presentations put on by our department focussing on traffic safety.

Our traffic unit is staffed with police officers who are expected to spend the majority of their time on the road, detecting criminal and traffic violations of all sorts and providing a visible presence in our sub-divisions and high traffic areas alike. Traffic officers are the eyes and ears of our department out on the road. They are the officers who interact with the public most of all. They provide valuable backup to fellow officers, they intercept drugs, travelling criminals, stolen goods, and detect all sorts of other infractions.

Traffic volumes have increased nearly everywhere. As these traffic volumes increase, aggressive driving and incidents of violence behind the wheel have risen. Police visibility during times of high traffic volume can greatly mitigate these issues.

Selected Traffic officers are highly trained in the reconstruction of serious motor vehicle accident scenes. Their expertise is invaluable to our investigations and to the victims of such accidents. It is also sought by insurance companies and the courts.

Traffic officers are experts in traffic management issues and we rely on them to provide advice to our partners as it relates to innovative and proactive measures that increase safety on our roadways including traffic calming strategies, road design and enforcement.

Chief Gourdeau will always believe that traffic management is an essential part of a police force and that it directly contributes to the overall safety of our citizens. A professional, well attired and equipped traffic unit presents a very positive image of a police force. The additional police presence provided by Police officers assigned to traffic duties also brings a sense of safety to the community.

If you have any traffic related concerns, problems, or questions, please call the Traffic Services Division of the Kennebecasis Regional Police Force at 847-6347 or e-mail Sgt. Evan Scott.


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