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Victim Services

To provide support, information and assistance to victims of crime, trauma or tragedy in the home, schools and the community.

Police officers have always provided service to crime victims. Although police work focuses on law enforcement, protection and investigation, police are often called on to assist victims in a variety of ways, above and beyond the call of duty.

Some police organizations in Canada are or have already implemented a specialized position for victim services as a way of responding to the increasing demands and needs of victims. This initiative recognizes and responds to the needs that victims have not always received but deserve to have.

There are many community resources whose focus is geared toward victims of crime. Shelters for women and children, crisis telephone hotlines, addiction services and multi facet programs to assist victim of physical/sexual assault, with many outreach programs for children, adolescents and teens.

Various Victim Services programs have developed in Canada. The model for the Kennebecasis Regional Police Force includes follow up and referral for victims of crime. Self referrals and officer referrals are common or victims are identified from police files.

The investigating officers will initiate the process of obtaining assistance for you by referring you to the Department of Public Safety Victim Services Program. All victims of crime should receive a referral card from a police officer.


Assist victims in coping with crime or tragic circumstances.
Emotional support and assistance can help victims cope more effectively with crisis.

Educate victims about community services.
Referrals can be made for victims of abuse, assault, sexual assault, robbery, spousal abuse, fire, break and enter, property crimes, homicide, suicide, sudden death stalking and traffic accidents.

Lessen trauma of being victimized.
Dealing with crisis is difficult. Effective listening helps individuals decrease their stress level and cope more effectively. Emotional support makes dealing with a crisis tolerable.

Provide information to the community.
Dealing with crisis is something all people may face at some point in their lives. Fear, rage, isolation, confusion and physical trauma causes intense mental and physical distress. The community should be aware of services available to them in order to access them. Victim services can give immediate support when dealing with a crisis.